It’s made by an Aussie for our national pastime of talking, sharing and obsessing about everything property. Abodely is the brainchild of Tom Coe who is a former Senior Manager in Commercial Strategies at real estate portal Domain.
“It’s like Instagram for house-proud and property obsessed people who love their ‘house porn’, says Tom cheekily. “Abodely is about bringing property into the 21st century, utilising the best of social media.”
Abodely aims to build a virtual community of like-minded people who want to showcase their homes and renos and share advice on building materials, colour schemes, furnishings and gardens.
“We’re first launching with over 100 homes within the Sydney area, so you’ll be able to see or open the door to 100 different homes,” explains Tom. “Once we get the social platform up and running and make sure the market fit is right – iron out the kinks so to speak – we’ll expandto other Australian capital cities and then hopefully further afield to the U.K and North America. Eventually you will be able to look at homes anywhere in the world. If Google recognises your home address, we can create a profile for you.”
Abodely is much more than being just a voyeur. When you like something, you can save it (think Pinterest) and even communicate directly with the person who has created a certain look, home or garden.
“If there’s something that tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to follow that home. If there’s a particular photo or video of a space in the home, a quirky staircase, or a kitchen bench top, you can save that onto your ‘mood board’,” explains Tom.
When you spot something and want details of how to have it, where to get it or who built it, you can connect directly with the owner and/or renter who has posted whatever it is that’s caught your eye. 
“You can directly message and ask them lots of weird and wonderful questions,” says Tom. “That said, privacy is an important feature. You follow a home and then, make a request to connect, which will be at the owner’s discretion. Once connected, you can start that conversation and ask them about their colour scheme, their floorboards or anything you appreciate about their home.”
Abodely’s founder says the App exists to reduce costs for home buyers, owner-builders and renovators, empowering them in their property journeys while reducing exposure to being milked by everyone along the pipeline.
“I wanted to shake things up, build transparency, reduce costs, and make things easier.  I thought where do we get our information from these days? And where do we get trust and transparency? The answer is we get that all from social media. And we get social validation from our network. So, if I can apply the best of social media to our homes then my guess is we’re onto a winner,” says Tom.
Abodely also provides a canvas for designers and builders to show off their work and increase engagement and awareness. A newly renovated or styled home now has a virtual vehicle to reach an untapped property obsessed audience.
You can sign up to Abodely here:

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