Decor Construction Group™

Award Winning Builder in Sydney, NSW.

“The #1 Residential Builder in Sydney 2022”

Quality Builder

Every project is to the highest standards and best Australian building practices are always used.

100% Satisfaction

Each client project is upheld with utmost care to ensure a smooth renovation or build process.


Built to your exact specifications without compromising on quality or ever cut corners.


Each project is approached specifically and professional to meet construction and client deadlines.


Work with community and industry leaders who believe in a brighter future for everyone.


Experience transparency and assurance throughout the whole build process.

Our Services


Home Builders

Choosing the design of a new home or planning your renovation, we can help.



Building Designer

We have been tested and trusted to provide a wide range of architectural consulting services.



Project Management

Let us manage your project from construction right through to the final handover.


Decor Construction Group

Decor Construction Group is a high quality builder in Sydney, NSW with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. We focus on high Australian building standards and building integrity with a keen interest in meeting each customer request.

A team of incredible professionals catering to sophisticated living and to renovate your existing home to make it as unique and aesthetically beautiful as possible.

Not your typical Sydney builder, working super closely with our clients from design to completion while carefully evaluating all of your needs.

Committed to offering the highest quality building and project management services while employing the best designs and Australian Building Codes.

Industry Leaders For Over 10+ Years

Decor Constructoins proudly serving Sydney and nearby areas the highest standards and construction integrity for ever project.

"...They performed beyond our expectations..."

“We had no prior knowledge of construction certifications and approval but the team of experts at Decor Construction Group guided us through every phase of it until our project was approved. They performed beyond our expectations.”

"...efficient, cost effective and reliable..."

“This construction company doesn’t just talk it, they walk it. They collaborated with us in an efficient, cost effective and reliable way. They helped in the planning of our project from ground-up. We learned every step of the way.”

"...I am happy with the professional results..."

“My home was in dire need of a granny flat extension and Decor Construction Group came through for me in a timely manner. I am happy with the professional results.”

"...knows and understands the essence of planning and design..."

“When you have a project you need a construction company that is committed to doing a construction that will be in line with your needs, a company that knows and understands the essence of planning and design, the needs of clients and work around those dynamics. Decor Construction Group came through for us! ”

"...found effective solutions to those challenges..."

“I had an aggressive schedule to move onto my town house and I ran into series of challenges because of the space I was moving into. But Decor Construction Group found effective solutions to those challenges and completed the project before the aggressive timeframe.”

"...I am pleased with the way and manner the renovation..."

“I am pleased with the way and manner the renovation of my rental property went. Everything from the start to the completion proved that I didn’t make a mistake when I chose Decor Construction Group as my general contractor.”

"...delivered a high quality project..."

“Thanks for your unwavering efforts in helping to create a conducive environment for my tenants and their families. The team of professionals in Decor Construction Group delivered a high quality project that was not only delivered in a timely manner but also on budget.”