Building Designers

Experience in-house architectural and building design services from the best building designer in Sydney, NSW.

Building Plans

Let us handle your building plans and guide you on the best building plan designs available. At Decor Construction Group, our dedicated building designers can put together stunning archiectual and building plans for your project. Your building plan design is best left with the professionals, ask us about how we can help you with your next project. 

Australian Standards

Adhering to Australian Building Codes and standards is part of our core building values. We are the best builder in Sydney because we stick to the plan and ensure quality over cutting corners or rushing a project to meet 3rd party expectations. Australian Building Codes are there to assure safety, structural integrity and alignment with core Australian building principles.

Engineering Plans

Quality and carefully prepared engineering plans are one of the most important aspects of the planning of your project. Engineering plans can make or break a project if not careful enough. We have seen new home owners face difficult decisions regarding their investments over simple and avoidable engineering fundamentals that we will never miss. 

Council Approvals

We have trained specialists who will provide the best in-house designs to guarantee unwavering value delivery through all the phases of our projects. Our in-house design work hand-in-hand with our external design consultants to plan, organize, and develop remarkable and cost effective building solutions for you that your local council will love and approve of.

Did you know ?

Did you know that a Development Approval is required for your building to be approved? This can be a tiring experience but with us, we can help you meet these construction requirements to ensure the success of your property via our Development Approval creation services.

Our experts will take out time to put you through the DA creation process, following updated policies. We will also give you counseling, create your DA form that will encompass the estimated cost of the project, designs, statement of environmental effects of the project and the owners consent.

Our highly trained professionals will help you form a standard DA application that will bring forth the expedient approval of your project by the council at an affordable rate. We will treat your project like it is ours and only get satisfied when it has been approved.

Private Certification

Wherever your project is based, there are certain construction policies and codes that require certification. Our team of private building certification will help you meet this policy. We will provide you with the needed professional guidance in obtaining the approval for your construction and legislative requirements, so you won’t have to go over it again. We will make the whole process of project certification a seamless one for you, at an affordable rate.