Better Homes & Gardens is getting into the Halloween hijinks this week with ‘Crack-O-Lanterns’, decorations and themed animal treats.
Johanna + Pete – Amazing Homes: Northbridge House
It may not be the Amalfi Coast, but this amazing home brings a touch of Italy right to the heart of Northern Sydney. The architect was able to reflect the owner’s love of travel into the design and incorporate it into the project, perched high on a steep site above Sydney’s Middle Harbour. Johanna and Pete explore this beautiful homage to Southern Italian architecture, with sweeping curved ceilings and unique textures that will leave you dreaming of sultry Mediterranean evenings in summer.
Adam – Where Does Your Timber Come From?
Being a carpenter/builder, Adam loves working with timber, so he’s pretty excited to explore something we all take for granted; the process of getting timber to the hardware store. After visiting a forest to find out how logging can be sustainable, he’s off to the green mill to see the final machining of the logs into boards, planks and other products. Adam is going to give you a window into the scale, the technology involved, and what it takes to make it happen.
Karen – Bang Bang Prawns with Sweet Chili Mayo
Bang Bang Chicken is a popular Chinese fried dish, but like the rest of Australia, prawns are on Karen’s menu as we come into the warmer months. So, tonight she’s spinning these two dishes together to create Bang Bang Prawns. Served with spicy sauce, shredded lettuce and crumbled up prawn crackers for even more crunch, this delicious dish works great as an appetizer or part of a party spread.
Fast Ed – Franken-Wraps, & Celery Mummies
Halloween might be all about the trick or treat, but your kids will need some energy to get out there and do that important work of obtaining lollies. So, Ed’s making Halloween themed wraps! You can fill them with whatever your kids love the most, but the key is not over-filling it. What really makes it Halloweeny though is some expertly placed vegetables and cheese to make a Frankenstein face. To complement the Franken-wraps, Ed’s also making Celery Mummies. Thankfully your kids won’t be spooked by their healthiness because these treats are just so much fun.
Fast Ed – Crack-O-Lanterns
Ed’s favourite part of Halloween is the jack-o-lantern so, he’s incorporating this most iconic of imagery with a kids favourite treat, the chocolate crackle. The result? Crack-o-lanterns! White chocolate and some red food dye give it a pumpkin orange colour and while it doesn’t quite have the face of a jack-o-lantern, it’s sure to satisfy your little monsters.
Charlie – Nursery Walkaround: Where The Magic Happens
Your local nursery probably doesn’t have the space to be growing all the plants they sell, so Charlie’s visiting a very special nursery that supplies the rows and rows of plants you buy. Charlie not only meets the owner but finds out how through tissue culture and micro-propagation, they can grow enough plants to supply nurseries all around the country. While they grow many different species, they specialise in the beautiful, hardy and varied Australian native, Kangaroo paws.
Melissa – Thrill, Fill & Spill
Potted plants are an ever popular and achievable option for the home gardener, no matter what type of space you have at home, or what your gardening expertise level is. Using the “Thrill, Fill and Spill” planting rule, Melissa will give you all the tips and tricks to creating layered planting combos within the one pot, giving your garden that extra pop.
Daniella – Lounge Styling
Curating a unique and timeless living area can be tricky, so Daniella’s going to show you some tips and tricks to help you tie your room together. A good place to start is with a mood board to help you figure out colours and also textures. From the materials, colours and even lighting, you can drastically change the feel of the space. Daniella will show you how to balance the objects in the room and create a look that will always appear stylish.
Juliet – Halloween Hilarity
Halloween may be all about spookiness but get into the fun side this year with Juliet’s simple and inexpensive projects that will see your front porch really stand out from the crowd! She’s making simple decorations including witches britches with foraged broom, mummy jars, spider bowls and even drill “carved” pumpkins. Don’t just give your trick or treaters a fright this Halloween, give them a laugh as well.
Dr Harry – Boo To You: Halloween at Wildlife HQ
It’s not just us humans who enjoy Halloween, the animals at Wildlife HQ on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast also enjoy the season. Using Halloween themed items, the handlers use behavioural enrichment to occupy and stimulate the animals and replicate how they would forage and find food in the wild. But enrichment isn’t just about food, environmental enrichment imitates their natural habitat, helping them feel at home. Watch tonight as Dr Harry helps create some Halloween havoc for these awesome animals!
7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.
A bit of Jackie Morningstar “Rockin in th Graveyard” would go down a treat!
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