The third season of the Prime Video Original Series Luxe Listings Sydney is finally here. 
The real estate reality show, which is available to watch now on Prime Video, transports viewers to the luxurious world of Sydney’s elite real estate market, showcasing multimillion dollar beachside mansions and country estates.
And this time around, the stakes have never been higher.
Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.
The third season of Luxe Listings Sydney follows four elite agents as they negotiate multimillion dollar deals among Sydney’s hyper-competitive real estate market.
There’s D’Leanne Lewis, an award-winning real estate agent who has been working in the industry since her late teens.
There’s Gavin Rubenstein, the founder of The Rubenstein Group who is almost always seen wearing a flashy suit and sunglasses.
And then there’s Simon Cohen, a successful buyer’s agent who works alongside his associate, Tammy Soglanich.
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Last season, the trio were joined by a fourth agent, international market specialist, Monika Tu.
Monika Tu, the founder of Black Diamondz Property, is a Chinese-Australian executive renowned for leading the revolution of global buyers into the Australian property market. 
Across six episodes, season three follows the four agents as they embark on the fast-paced world of buying and selling high-end real estate. 
The series also delves into the personal lives of the agents as they tackle parenthood, dating, and friendship dramas.
This season, the property market in Sydney gets even tighter with highly competitive auctions leaving the agents duelling for the most coveted properties.
As the season heats up, the agents are involved in a number of fast-paced deals that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
After a brief cameo from the singer last season, agents Gavin and Simon also battle to find Delta Goodrem a new home.
At the end of season two, Delta asked the agents to help her find a space to record her new album. And Gavin and Simon took the challenge very seriously, setting up a $10,000 bet between them at the start of season three.
“How much is it worth to you?” Simon asks Gavin in episode one.
“A nice, friendly lunch between mates,” Gavin responds.
“I was thinking… something more like $10k,” Simon says. “Let’s make it really worth our while.”
As they search for the perfect home for Delta, the show travels to the countryside, taking viewers inside two impressive Hawkesbury based properties, including the stunning Cattai property where Ed Sheeran reportedly stayed when isolating in 14-day quarantine last year.
Outside of the Delta bet, the houses showcased throughout the new season are even more extravagant (and more expensive) than ever before.
There are beachside mansions, endless indoor and outdoor pools, impressive harbour views, a rooftop bowling alley, an orchard, and even a zipline. (Seriously, the real estate porn is next level this season.) 
We also meet some new faces, including associate agent Leon Jacques, who works alongside Simon at Cohen Handler, and sales executive Noa Oziel, who works alongside Gavin at The Rubenstein Group.
And much like last season, we see the agents attend a number of bougie social events together, including a charity event held by Monika which results in a number of daredevil activities, and an engagement party hosted by Gavin and Simon for two of their employees.
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Need a refresher? We’ve got you covered.
Season one of Luxe Listings Sydney, which premiered in 2021, introduced us to D’Leanne, Gavin, Simon, and the cutthroat world of Sydney real estate.
While the first season showcased over a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of Sydney property, much of the season transported viewers to the luxurious side of being a real estate agent. We saw Simon celebrate 10 years of business on a yacht, we took a peek into Gavin’s birthday celebrations at Palm Beach, and Simon even threw a surprise Hen’s party for his associate, Tammy.
There were also some interesting business dealings between the agents, with D’Leanne attempting to persuade Tammy to come work with her instead of Simon. The season also ended on a cliffhanger with Gavin getting an unexpected phone call from his bosses.
Season two, which premiered earlier this year, picked up right where season one left off.
In episode one of season two, Gavin met with Brian White (Joint Chariman) and Dan White (Managing Director) of Ray White who tell the TRG founder he needs to ‘slow down’ on expansion. 
As for the rest of the season, we met new agent Monika, took a peek into Coogee’s biggest cliff-side mansion, and saw a property with a cheese room. (Yes, really.)
All three seasons of Luxe Listings Sydney are available to watch now on Prime Video.
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