Sydney based tilder, who goes by the handle @monkey8u on TikTok, went viral after showcasing the state of a brand new building in Sydney.
He began the video stating he is tiling some of the apartments upstairs, and has been shocked by the state and lack of quality of the apartment. Claiming they are “the worst units in Sydney”
In the video he shows many areas of the apartment building that are “finished” but in his opinion do not look completed, pointing out many areas of the building are crooked and look unsafe.
He states he is fed up of seeing poor quality and ‘cheap’ work done in these brand new apartments, stating developers just want to ‘take people’s money’. 
In the comments, many users verify his experience stating they too have seen apartments in such poor conditions, with many users unfortunately ‘victim’ to purchasing a new apartment that has since needed many repairs.
User6318843636367 commented:
its been 5 years since we moved into our duplex, free standing tub has rotted underneath, no grout/silicone, carpets 1cm away from the wall
Vvv said:
this looks like my place 😂 I live in a brand new build, I took off a 3M hook and it ripped a hole in the gyprock,the walls are like paper it’s a joke
Slothreflex added:
And they’ll rent them at $750 per week and never fix any of the problems that arise from it all.. than take the renters bond for the damage..
_aimeedennis said:
My mortgage broker told me not to buy anything built after the 90’s, and now I know why 😅
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