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Tradies have captured the wild moment a woman hurls mud at them after they cut the electricity lines without telling her.
The builders had been working on a home in Greenacre, in Sydney‘s southwest, when the woman stormed out of her house next door to complain.
She quickly begins hurling large clumps of mud onto her neighbour’s pristine driveway while her husband gathers up a large hose.
The owner, wearing head-to-toe black, shrugs his shoulders as the elderly woman continues to shout, point at the builders and throw mud.
‘This is Greenacre everyone,’ the man behind the camera says. ‘Come and live in Greenacre, it’s a f***ing mad place. Shootings, killings, neighbours…’
The angry neighbour began hurling large clumps of mud onto her neighbour’s pristine driveway after his builders cut off the electricity without warning 
One of the builders wearing a high-vis vest begins pounding the driveway with a large hammer, seemingly ignoring the couple. 
‘The boys ripped off the wire,’ the man tells the camera. 
Who do you think is in the wrong?
Who do you think is in the wrong?
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The neighbour resorts to throwing mud again before walking towards the man with the camera holding a large rock before swinging her arm in preparation to throw it. 
‘She’s gonna throw a brick at me,’ the man says.
The elderly couple continue to shout and pace on their own driveway for several minutes before they were told the cable would be reconnected.  
Viewers were divided over who was in the wrong, the woman or the tradies. 
 The altercation between the woman and her neighbour was captured in Greenacre, in Sydney’s southwest, earlier this week with viewers divided over who was in the wrong
‘They cut the electricity without warning and the lady was cooking. That’s why she got angry,’ one explained. 
‘Well if you cut their power without notice than I get why she’s upset,’ another said. 
‘Ok they accidentally cut her power, likely will be restored. She doesn’t like the fence. It’s not the builders fault,’ a third suggested.
I’m still waiting for yiayia to finish cooking,’ a fourth joked. 
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