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Champagne at Hugo exhibition
French conversation matched the champagne, served against a background of books in the Mitchell Library, when Victor Hugo admirers gathered at an exhibition to mark the sesqui-centenary of the poet and patriot’s birth. After looking at the collection of documents, books and photographs illustrating his life, most of the smartly dressed women present listened to an address given by M. Georges Talon, lecturer in French at Sydney University.
Mr. W.M. Hughes, M.P., dead
Mr. William Morris Hughes, M.P., died at his home in Lindfield, Sydney, at 1.30 this morning. He died peacefully in his sleep. Mr. Hughes, who was 88 last month, was Prime Minister of Australia from 1916 to 1922. He became ill just over two weeks ago, but rallied remarkably. Mr. Hughes was in the forefront of Australia’s national life for more than half a century, being a member of the Federal Parliament, without a break, from its inception.
Memorial to settlement
A monument to commemorate the beginning of settlement on the Blue Mountains will be unveiled at Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls, on Saturday. The stone has been erected by the Blue Mountains Historical Society. It stands on the site on the second road depot of Cox, the load builder. The depot was built in 1814 and called the “Weatherboard,” the building served as a depot, military and police barracks, and later became the famous Weatherboard Inn
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