Celebrating its 90 year history, LEGO Australia transformed Sydney’s Darling Harbour into a playground with 20 life-sized Minifigures on World Play Day last week. 
“At 90 years old, the LEGO Group is in rarefied air and highlights the brand’s longevity through generations.” said Troy Taylor, Vice President and General Manager of LEGO Australia & New Zealand.

Here, Women Love Tech caught up with Angie Tutt, Head of Marketing, LEGOAustralia and New Zealand, about the milestone in the company’s history and the magic that has kept it alive throughout the generations.
What do you see in the future of the LEGO Group going forward?
I hope the LEGO Group continues to inspire generations of families through the LEGO system of play. 
For 90 years the LEGO Group has continued to innovate, whilst keeping our values of creativity and our mission to inspire the builders of tomorrow have remained a constant. Aussies can expect lots of exciting announcements, partnerships and activations from us in 2023 – watch this space!  
Define the most important moment in the LEGO Group’s history?
There have been so many defining moments in the LEGO Group’s history, including when Ole Kirk Kristensen was making wooden toys for the town kids to enjoy, learn about the world and have fun with. That moment was when the LEGO Group’s mission statement, motto and dream for the world was born. Even down to the name “LEGO”, which is the abbreviation of two Danish words “Leg Godt” meaning “Play Well”. This mission and name defined what the LEGO Group is all about and guides us to this day.  
In more recent times, taking LEGO bricks to the big screen with The LEGO Movie, creating show-stopping LEGO builds like the world-first LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car are certainly highlights!
How has the LEGO Group changed people and play across the world?
LEGO play has evolved through the decades, from wooden toys to the iconic bricks, and into digital experiences, yet one thing remains at the heart of everything we do: our core values of play and our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.
Play is different for each and every individual person, but LEGO play has an offering that caters to so many passions and interests.  
With the new Play Well Study findings, how do you believe children and families can increase their play? 
The power of the LEGO brick is how simple play can be. Play doesn’t have to be complex, it can be as simple as coming together at the end of the day, playing your favourite game, building a LEGO set or simply creating stories but doing so together will help to experience the joy and benefits that play has to offer. 
Who do you think LEGO sets are meant for?
Everyone! The LEGO brick has enduring appeal – it transcends language, culture, age and interests to provide creative building experiences for people around the world, however they choose to build and play. Play is important for everyone, not just children, to unlock creativity and inspiration. We have LEGO sets for every age, from LEGO DUPLO for toddlers to LEGO TECHNIC for adults so you can really play your way. 

What do you believe is the magic in LEGO bricks?
I believe the magic of LEGO bricks is the ability for something so small and simple to spark endless  fun and creativity. With a snap of two LEGO bricks a world of imagination is unlocked for LEGO fans and families of all ages to enjoy.

Tell us about the major report findings insights from the latest LEGO Play Well Study (2022)
The 2022 LEGO Play Well study showed that play continues to be fundamental to the wellbeing and happiness of the whole family in 2022. It reinforces the power of play to make us happy, but despite the benefits, we’re still not playing enough.
41% of parents admit their family doesn’t play enough together while 84% of children wish they could play more with their parents. 
So, being the purveyors of play for 90 years, it’s important to us to keep reminding everyone that play matters.
Tell us about your favourite LEGO moment.

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