Dual Occupancy

Decor Construction Group is a team of experts in designing and constructing a dual occupancy. These builders in Sydney will treat you with the same care and respect as our projects while ensuring success at every stage throughout the whole process.

Our Dual Occupancy Buildings

Decor Construction Group has over the years, completed pockets of side by side and backyard dual occupancy developments. With us, you can choose to build your ideal home or add another home to your land area for sale or rent.

Whether you have got a plan or not, we can always get involved from the start with full dual occupancy design and build services just for your ideal home. With our unique building technology and systems availability, you can design structures that exceed market expectations in all ramifications.

Our team of professionals facilitates all the phases involved in dual occupancy property development project. This well-trained personnel will work diligently till a set of keys to your new home are handed over to you. Decor Construction Group ensures efficient all town planning applications with the sole purpose of delivering on time and budget. Even, if you have an existing plan or some architectural designs you looking up to have at hand, our team of professionals will handle that without hassles.

Steps to Take:

1) Feasible Design and Quote: At Decor Construction Group, a duplex that maximizes the potential of your site can be developed.

2) Planning: we understand how crucial planning is to achieving a fantastic dual occupancy as we are apprehensive through the whole planning processes till the till moment new keys are handed to the customer.

3) Tendering: be sure of one thing at Decor Construction Group, we keep our client’s requests as our goals, which need to be achieved.

4) Construction: be rest assured of weekly updates on the progress of the construction as we are proud of the level of sophistication, we bring to each dual occupancy build and the consistent performance that comes from our core pillars of Time, Budget, Attention to Detail and Excellent Communication.

If you are ever looking for a construction company that delivers both on budget and on time coupled with a keen attention to details, Decor Construction Group professionals will help in our design and construction services.