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We are the best duplex builder in Sydney, NSW. Building a duplex in Sydney should always be left to the professionals. Learn more about how we can help build your next duplex project.

Choosing a duplex builder in Sydney is always best left to the duplex construction professionals. At Decor Construction group, we can help with both design and construction of your duplex project including duplex floor plans, duplex house designs and more!

How to Construct a Duplex

A duplex is usually two living units connected in what is termed a duplex house plan. Typically, they are individual dwellings situated next to each other as townhouses or condominiums, or above each other as apartments. The construction of duplex-style housing has been booming in Australia due to their low cost and space-saving efficiency.

Why Build a Duplex?

Duplex construction is a great investment tool because the design allows clients and developers to construct more than one home on a single foundation or plot of land. This usually means that one of the properties can be used as a source of cash flow while the owners or developers reside in the other half or side. Developers often go with duplex designs mixed with townhouse-style terraces to squeeze as many dwellings as possible onto their lot.

Choosing a Duplex Builder in Sydney

Engaging a specialist duplex builder is something you should think about when looking for someone to help you build your duplex project. Your duplex project is best left to the professionals. As expert duplex builders, we have years of experience building duplex style dwellings in Sydney and nearby areas. Talk to us today about how we can help build your next duplex project.

Looking for a duplex builder?

If you are looking for the best duplex builders in Sydney, NSW than look no further. Decor Construction Group has been building duplex and dual occupancy projects in Sydney for many years and we have the know-how and capabilities no matter the size or complexity. Call us today and experience the very best duplex construction service on the Australian market. 

Duplex Builder Near Sydney NSW
How Much Does It Cost To Build Duplex?

A standard duplex in Sydney can cost anywhere between $800,000 to over $1.5m depending on the size, complexity, materials and location. A duplex or dual occupancy project is always best left to the duplex construction professionals at Decor Construction Group.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Duplex?

Depending on the schedule, materials sourcing requirements, customer requirements, and other factors, a standard duplex can take anywhere from 6 months to over a year to build. Decor Construction typically finalise most duplex/dual occupancy projects in anywhere between 6 to 8 months. The exact time it takes to build will be discussed and finalised before the start of the work, and we always ensure our duplex builds are on-time and within budget.