How would you feel if someone dumped 80 truckloads of toxic waste in your backyard when you weren't home?
"I'm shocked and outraged this has happened and my local council and the Environmental Protection Agency aren't doing anything about it," said land owner Jeff Demanuele.
Jeff and his wife Rose had a rental acreage in western Sydney, but three and a half years ago a convoy of trucks turned up loaded with waste, including fibro, and started dumping their loads over the next eight hours on the rear of the property.
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"They opened the side gate and told the tenants that it was all approved by me," Jeff said.
"I knew nothing of it and would never have allowed that."
The entire episode was caught on CCTV.
The illegal dump was so brazen and dramatic that "a passing council ranger from Camden Council pulled in and spoke to the drivers and took down registration numbers", Jeff said.
By the time Jeff got to his property, the trucks had finished.
His backyard was left devastated with 1200 tonnes of bricks, concrete, metal, plastic and fibro piled high on the property.
"It saved them a million dollars in tipping fees," Jeff said.
"But now I'm left to clean it up".
He contacted the the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
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"The EPA came to investigate and told me to cover it up, and I said, 'no it's not my rubbish'. I have called them countless times over the last three and a half years and have got nowhere with them. Nor council."
A Current Affair got in contact with the EPA and they told us there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute anyone.
"That's not good enough," Jeff said.
"They have CCTV and rego numbers. Now they want me to clean this mess up and it will cost me millions."
Jeff and his wife Rose want to sell the Leppington property but they have been told "no one will buy it with all this toxic waste".
"We are stuck, and none of this was our doing."
The EPA told A Current Affair it is still investigating but it has a suspect and is urging anyone with more information to come forward.
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