Terrigal’s Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre received an unusually big artistic donation on Thursday morning in the form of the stunning prize winning sculpture ‘Pacifica Australis’, a giant Triton seashell, with an emerging hermit crab.
The sculpture won the first prize at Sculptures by Botany Bay in 2019 and has been an artistic partnership pseudonym Christopher Diaz, an amalgam of creators Christopher Pekowski and Carlos Diaz.
The Central Coast based sculptors said they chose the Giant Triton as it is helping to protect theGreat Barrier Reef by eating the Crown of Thorns starfish. The other species demonstrate the biodiversity and dependence of species upon one another.
Discovery Centre Chair and General Manager, John Asquith, said that the donation was valued in excess of
$50,000 and that it had been installed by some local builders and volunteers at no cost.
“This is a very generous donation by community minded artists, Christopher Diaz, local tradesmen and
volunteers. It will benefit everyone on the Central Coast for many years to come.
“On behalf of the CC Marine Discovery Centre, I want to thank all of the people involved.”
Mr Asquith went on to say, “everyone should enjoy this wonderful environment we have on the coast. However, the plants and animals and habitats cannot protect themselves and everyone needs to be part of the solution.
The artists were long-term students of The Michoutouchkine – Aloi Pilioko Foundation in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
In search of closer contact with the unspoiled beaches and the sound of the Ocean, they decided to leave
Sydney city life.
They have moved to the Central Coast, NSW, where they live and work until now. They continuously strive to capture the essence of the world’s beauty in large outdoor sculptural forms and wall art, mosaic art and painting.
They use their knowledge of mosaic art and introduce new mediums and technics to attract viewers’
Their goal is to motivate people to reconnect and love more and more the natural beauty of the
world in which we live.
It is expected to become an icon of the Central Coast attracting both locals and visitors.
See our website and YouTube channel for an audio/video article.
David Abrahams
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