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The NSW Police and the Crime Commission have undertaken to examine alleged connections between organised crime figures and the Coronation Property group, which employed former National Party leader John Barilaro earlier this year.
At a Budget Estimates hearing this week Labor’s Adam Searle showed Police Commissioner Karen Webb, her deputy Dave Hudson and the Crime Commission’s Peter Bodor, QC, a photo which featured several high-ranking associates of the Alameddine crime family with Andy Nahas, whose company MN Builders shares an office with his brother Joe Nahas’s company Coronation Property.
 Far left Stephen Bou-Abbse, second from the left Joseph Vokai, front centre (wearing shorts) is rapper Ay Huncho (real name Ali Younes). The tall man in the white T-shirt behind Younes is Masood Zakaria. To the right of Younes is John Ray Bayssari with his arm around Andy Nahas. Credit:Rolling Stone
Andy Nahas was, until recently, the company secretary of Coronation.
Joe Nahas is adamant he and his family “do not have any association” with members of the Alameddine family. He also complained to the Herald that his family has been “collateral damage in multiple contemporary political controversies” involving Barilaro.
Despite the job not being advertised, Barilaro was hired as Coronation’s executive director from February until June when he resigned to take his controversial and now-abandoned New York trade role.
Searle, an upper house MP, told parliament that Barilaro was engaged by Coronation “to open doors for them to do lobbying”.
Rapper Ay Huncho, real name Ali Younes, with Andy Nahas.Credit:Rolling Stone
After viewing the photo in which Andy Nahas was featured, Bodor and Hudson assured the hearing their organisations would investigate further.
The photo shown in parliament accompanied an August 2021 Rolling Stone article featuring rapper Ay Huncho, whose real name is Ali Younes, an associate of the Alameddine crime family.
Younes, 25, is on bail for charges of affray, recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in company and assault with intent to participate in the activity of a criminal group.
Masood Zakaria is wanted by police for conspiracy to commit murder.Credit:NSW Police
Some of the other mates of the rapper, who featured in the photo, have connections with the Alameddine crime family including one of Australia’s most wanted fugitives, Masood Zakaria, who is wanted for commercial drug supply and conspiracy to murder a member of the Hamze family, with whom the Alameddines have been waging a deadly war.
Searle noted that Zakaria’s company Zak Services, is a shareholder in Alpha Omega Enterprises, a labour hire firm which has worked for Coronation.
Younes and Zakaria have previously been banned from associating with Rafat Alameddine, the reputed head of the crime family.
Also in the photo is Stephen Bou-Abbse, 33, a waterproofer from Merrylands, who has worked on Coronation sites and is a good friend of Andy Nahas. Police are seeking a non-association order between ­alleged crime figure Mohamad “Almo” Alameddine and a string of associates including Bou-Abbse and Joseph “Jo Fresh” Vokai, who is also in the photo.
John Ray Bayssari.Credit:NSW Police
Vokai is facing charges which include conspiracy to commit murder, knowingly directing the activities of a criminal group, contributing to criminal activity and dealing with proceeds of crime.
The person with his arm around Andy Nahas in the photo is John Ray “JR” Bayssari, who has been charged with drug supply, dealing with the proceeds of crime, and participating in a criminal group and contributing to criminal activity.
Bayssari and Bou-Abbse were former business partners in a transport company.
Asked by Searle whether he was “concerned about any connection between Coronation and these people?” Deputy Commissioner Hudson replied: “I am concerned about any people or any organisation that that particular group is associated with.”
Former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro.Credit:Kate Geraghty
Hudson added, “Certainly we’ll have a look at it from now on.”
“Mr Bodor, what about the Crime Commission? Is there anything there that’s on your radar?” asked Searle. Bodor replied, “I don’t want to talk about operational matters … But the names are all familiar to me. Indeed, there’s even a former client of mine featured in it.”
In 2009, Bodor, then a criminal barrister, represented Andy Nahas who was charged over a kidnapping. Two of Andy Nahas’ co-accused were high-ranking members of the Bandidos who bashed the man and threatened to cut off his toes and send them to his mother unless he paid $50,000. The two men are currently facing unrelated murder charges.
All the 2009 charges were dropped. Detectives told Liverpool Court that not only could they not locate the victim but he had told associates he would rather be charged and sent to jail himself than give evidence.
Andy Nahas’s older brother Joe runs Coronation Property with lawyer John Landerer, 74. The company has $6 billion of residential apartments in the pipeline.
Joe Nahas recently told the Herald recently that “never in a million years did we expect that hiring a duly elected former Deputy Premier and Leader of the National Party would have led to the kind of fall out that has occurred in recent weeks.”
He said that Barilaro “was eminently qualified in leadership, management, policy, government and public relations. At the time, we considered that he would be an extremely valuable addition to the team.”
Andy Nahas has not replied to the Herald’s questions.
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