In 2016, Fayme and Miguel Mercado sold their Sydney apartment to invest completely in the sharemarket.
Program coordinator Fayme, 37, says the couple knew they wanted a big change – although it could also have been a symptom of a quarter-life crisis.
Miguel and Fayme Mercado at Finfest in Sydney.  Natalie Boog
“We wanted a big change, so we sold the apartment in Sydney and moved around. Essentially, we wanted to buy a house at first and then changed our minds on that as well.”
They’re not interested in buying another home or investment property, with the closest they’d get to real estate is investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs), says Fayme.
Speaking to the Australian Financial Review at the Equity Mates Finfest festival of investing, Miguel says the couple invests in “boring” exchange-traded funds and index funds, and dollar-cost average every fortnight.
After selling “everything”, doing this helps them ride out the volatility and keep calm, he says.
“I see [volatility] as an opportunity,” he says.
“When [the sharemarket] first dropped, Fayme asked, ‘Are you ready for this?’ And I was like, ‘Yep?’
“At first I was a little bit nervous, but now I look at it as, every day or week that it’s been going down, we’ve been buying shares at a relatively lower price than we did three years ago. So for me, it’s awesome.”
Fayme agrees. If she were seeing the market downturn actually hitting her bank account, she’d be worried, but she doesn’t see it as something affecting her portfolio right now.
The two manage their finances together, and share a joint bank and investment account. And while Miguel is in charge of executing the buys every fortnight, they make the decisions around how much to invest, where to invest and how much to invest together.
However, they differ on whether investing can be fun.
“Oh, it’s pretty boring. I think people have very different definitions of what fun is and how to make investing fun,” argues Fayme.
Miguel disagrees. “Can investing be fun? Definitely. When you start seeing dividends come into your bank account, it’s the most passive thing you could get, and you don’t have to work for it – I think it’s awesome.”
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