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Emergency services responded to what Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) described as an “explosion” at a unit in Concord around 2:00 this morning.
Neighbors were reported to have heard loud bangs and the sound of windows popping.
A man inside the wrapped three-story unit risked his life to jump to safety.
“He continued to have severe burns, cuts to his head, chest and arms, and pain on the right side of his body,” FRNSW said. Said.
He was treated at the scene by an off-duty paramedic before being severely hospitalized.
“The man’s neighbors managed to evacuate before the fire was under control,” FRNSW said.
“NSW Police has declared a crime scene on the property and is working with FRNSW’s Fire Investigation and Investigation Unit (FIRU) to determine a cause.”
It is believed that the man may have lit a cigarette near the gas stove that triggered the explosion.
Meanwhile, on the city’s North Shores, an elderly woman is lucky to have firefighters arrive when they come to rescue her from a burning house on Dee Why.
Fire crews found the 94-year-old woman in the unit after she was called to the fire.
They took him out to a safe place before they could contain the flames.
The woman, who was slightly affected by the smoke, was treated at the hospital.